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We understand that many people would love to do more in the garden, but are not sure where to start. We aim to equip you with the knowledge and confidence to look after and grow your own garden yourself.

We provide advice and hands-on help with all aspects of horticulture, from looking after the health of your soil and plants – including feeding and pruning – to sowing seeds, taking cuttings and dividing plants. We also have expertise in garden design and planting schemes, helping you put plants together for a stunning effect.

Garden Coach Harrogate

Given that jobs in the garden change with the seasons, we recommend regular visits over the course of a year to fully equip you to go it alone. In fact, some people choose to use us in place of a regular gardener – getting jobs done together and learning from us at the same time. While many of our customers are beginners, more experienced gardeners may also find there are areas they’d like to know more about, or with which they’d just like a bit of extra help.

However, we recognise that some people just want a bit of advice on an ad hoc basis, which we are also happy to provide.

During our two-hour sessions, we work alongside you in your garden, showing you how to tackle different tasks and answering your questions as we go along. In your first session, we typically take a tour of your garden and note the aspect and any tricky spots. We talk through what you want from your garden, what garden styles and plants you like, and whether there are particular challenges you want to overcome. We conduct a soil test to find out how acid or alkaline your soil is, and how sandy or clay it is, as this determines the types of plants that will grow well there.

We then get our boots on and our hands dirty! The work we do will depend on the individual garden and the jobs we decide to tackle first.