As with most things, once you start getting into gardening, you realise that there are varying degrees of quality and design when it comes to kit. You also learn the value of having specific tools or other equipment for specific jobs.

I’ve owned many pairs of gloves in my time, including a pair of the coveted Gold Leaf gardening gloves (I think I have the Dry Touch). They are good, but I wouldn’t have felt moved to write about them here. On the other hand (get that?), I am still – years later – thrilled by my Showa Floreo 370 Gloves. They are close fitting with a flexible nitrile palm coating, so your fingers can grasp even small plants. They don’t offer much protection against nettles and none against sharp thorns – you’d need a more robust pair for that – but they are perfect, just perfect, for weeding, potting and sowing. This is what I meant about specific equipment for specific jobs.