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Have you ever wondered what the plants in your garden are, and how to get them looking their best? Perhaps you long for a riot of flowers throughout the year, but don’t know what to buy or where to get them? Or are you frustrated at buying expensive plants which then do nothing but sulk in your garden?!

We are here to help you at any stage of your gardening journey, from identifying and managing what you’ve already got, to coming up with fresh design ideas and buying, planting and looking after the new plants you’ll need. We work alongside you in your garden, helping you learn how to tackle a range of different garden jobs.

Our bespoke garden coaching sessions are supported by our unique, modular course covering all aspects of horticulture and garden design, which we tailor to you and your garden. Core units cover Plant Science, Soil, Ornamentals, Protected Growing, Propagation, Pests and Diseases, Fruit and Vegetables and Garden Design. There are also units on specific plant groups, such as Roses and Clematis, and on specific techniques such as Pruning.

For those booking a minimum of three sessions, we offer additional support in the form of our ‘Horti-helpline’, for you to ring between sessions with any questions you may have – about choosing tools, for example, or selecting plants.

On completion of a year’s coaching in your garden (minimum 12 sessions), we provide you with a customised step-by-step monthly management plan containing photographs of our time in your garden, easy-to-follow instructions and a reminder of the tasks that we completed together each month, to be repeated the following year.

We are also able to offer the following services at any time:

Find out what you’ve already got, and how to look after it. We will identify the plants in your garden and draw up a fully labelled plan showing all your plants, with instructions on how to look after them.

Learn the fundamentals of good design. We will help you understand the principles of good design and work with you to identify the look and feel you want for your garden. We can produce fully labelled planting plans for individual beds, or recommend excellent garden design colleagues to undertake a full garden redesign.

Either with you or for you. We can often supply plants and bulbs if required, always very high quality and sometimes at a better rate than is available to you through retail outlets.